Automate the initial Outlook setup across your domain and more

Outlook Profiler automates Outlook profiles perfectly every time. But it is more than an Outlook profile generator; it can also manage Outlook profiles allowing you to change settings in a way that no other solution provides.

Thousands of Outlook clients can be controlled from a simple graphical interface that looks and acts just like Outlook itself. There is nothing new to learn! Imagine only needing to create a profile manually one time for all your users. Designed and implemented for the largest environments in the world, Outlook Profiler scales well with your future growth.

If you need an Office 365 migration tool or an on-premises Exchange server client configurator, Outlook Profiler can be customized to fit your specific needs. However, out of the box, the profiler tool is ready to go for most situations.

  • Create or migrate Exchange Outlook profiles automatically.
  • Create Office 365 Outlook profiles automatically.
  • Add additional mailboxes automatically.
  • Add or remove PST files automatically.
  • Modify the Exchange server name only.
  • Change the Address Book order.
  • Auto configure Outlook profiles on login for Citrix servers.
  • Work with hosted Exchange and non-authenticated servers.

Create Outlook profiles automatically with no fuss

Outlook Profiler is an Outlook profile management and snapshot tool. It frees you from the frustration of maintaining settings for every Outlook client in the domain. All versions of Outlook and their settings are stored in a single ini file with an easy to use gui that will save you weeks from learning manual prf file methods.

screen shot

Because Outlook Profiler is a native mapi application, it works just like Outlook allowing for exact profiles to be created. When you eventually migrate to a new version of Outlook (or Exchange server), you won't be left with an incompatible or corrupt profile.

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  • Outlook 97 through 2019 x64 supported on all major platforms.
  • POP3, IMAP, and HTTP Internet email account creation.
  • Use NT login scripts, GPO, or the registry to create Outlook profiles at logon.
  • Run from a public share to automate Outlook profiles from a command line.
  • Easy License structure with no limit on PC installations.
  • Outlook roaming profiles conquered!

Outlook Profiler is all about saving time. It is 600% faster than any other method. Because time is money it will save you big on costs. You have more important things to do; let Outlook Profiler shoulder the burden of automatic Outlook profile creation and management for all your logins.