Available Services

Customizing our existing products
All of our software products can be modified to work with your special requirements. Contact our support desk for more information about customized versions of our products.

Minimum viable products and workable demos
Have an idea but need to show a working prototype quickly to flush out ideas, get funding, or make a sale happen? We are experts at product flow and real-time interactive software. Give us your back of the napkin scribbles and we'll have a working demo in no time.

New software development
We have domain experience creating software providing search, file processing, and Outlook automations. Using Extended MAPI, ShellAPI, FileAPI, and other APIs we can enable you to create the best user experience for your customers. We also have a custom app server enabling you to support your clients across a variety of JavaScript interfaces. All of our product engines can be adapted to Linux and other ISO/IEC 14882:2014 environments.

We know search. Need to find search terms buried in propriety file formats like PDF, ZIP, and JPEG? How about finding data so many words away from another word? We can do that too. Also, we can help you process data sourced from a variety of storage locations in your environment. We can create the enterprise search tool you've been looking for.

We know data backup. Need to send data over WAN, LAN, or to USB and NAS devices in an automated fashion? How about encryption between two servers? We can get your data where it needs to be, on time and in sync.

Microsoft Outlook Office 365
We know Outlook automation. Using Outlook and Exchange APIs as well as other low level access techniques to Active Directory and Outlook configuration, we've been helping businesses to automate their environment. We can create a migration tool to get you up and running quickly with little downtime.