Q. Are there any registry settings I can customize?
A. Yes, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GOFF Concepts\FileSearchEX.

Q. Is FileSearchEX a portable application?
A. Yes, in the sense that you can run the installer with the "Advanced Manual Install" option checked and it will extract the files. Then you can copy the executable to where you wish.

Q. Does FileSearchEX require administrator permissions?
A. No, but the installer does. This is a requirement of the Windows OS if you want a system wide right-click context menu to appear on folders.

Technical Notes

  • All versions of FileSearchEX currently exhibit the Year 2038 problem and will stop working on January 19, 2038.
  • FileSearchEX does not access the plain text for every file format. We would be happy to make use of any plugin that can provide an API for your file type.