File backup and sync utility

FileBackupEX is a simple to use file backup and sync utility. It works well for staging files for later offsite replication. If you have a large photo, movie, or document folder then FileBackupEX can automatically keep files and folders in sync with a NAS appliance or removable drive.

  • Copy only changed files.
  • Keep target folder mirrored with a source folder.
  • Manually start and stop jobs.
  • Extremely easy to use interface.
  • Portable application for custom installing.

There are many file backup programs available today. But none so easy to use as FileBackupEX. If you value your time and appreciate classical design, then FileBackupEX will be a pleasure to use as you add, edit, and view jobs for your valuable data.

Something as important as backup shouldn't be so complicated. Automatically keep your files in sync with FileBackupEX.

screen shot