Self Signed Certificate Creation Tool

CertManEX is an intuitive way to create and manage your certificates. Become your own Certificate Authority (CA) and allow secure connections to your NAS, personal & dev web servers, IoT devices, and other equipment all without browser warnings. Useful for the enterprise or in home environments, CertManEX makes it easy to issue end entity and intermediate certs for everything on your network. Replace openssl for Windows with this easy to use tool.

  • Create self signed certificates.
  • Issue Intermediate and End Entity certificates from your custom Root certificate.
  • Simple interface that replaces openssl on Windows desktop, clients, and servers.
  • Compatible with the Windows native certificate store.
  • Runs with user permissions respecting domain security.
  • Modern Subject Alternative Name (SAN) support.

screen shot

CertManEX takes the headache and error out of creating secure certificates for all your devices. Testing an application on an Apache web server? Use the X509 v3 export option with "cert and key separate file" selected. This will create PEM encoded files ready to deploy. Need to build the cert chain to share with a colleague? Use the PKCS7 export option with DER encoding to output a smaller file size. Want to backup your certificates to move to another system? Export using the PKCS 12 file format. CertManEX makes it easy to create, manage, and update your certificates. Give CertManEX a try today!