Networking & Building Automation

Manage your building and property
Visualize your building coming alive with data and actionable information you can use to better lower costs, help with staff, manage customer engagement, and alert you to important tasks that need your attention. We can show you how to manage your assets with an advanced network of sensors and technology.

We specialize in installing a VLAN network backbone that lays the groundwork for all the interesting things you'll want to do with your building and property. The network enables a PBX phone system, cameras peering into the dark behind your building, and roaming wifi all over campus with paging/intercom. Obtain other insights as to what is taking place on your property.

building blueprint

We help you answer questions like: how many calls are we getting a month and from whom? How often is our front door opening? What is happening on our property at 3am? With our platform, stop handing out keys that need to be reclaimed or locks rekeyed and allow access into structures automatically, remotely, and revocably.

If you have multiple buildings on the same campus, did you know that for very little cost you can network them together using high speed fiber? With one network on campus, you'll have access to all the technology in your environment. Costs are greatly reduced because only one Internet service contract is needed. We show you how to install a modern phone system using PBX technology that will greatly reduce overhead for local campus communication.


There is a lot our network design can do for you. Reach out to us if you have multiple buildings, or more than one internet contract, or your phone bill is in excess of $5K per year, or if you have offices in separates states. We look forward to speaking with you.